Home Products Hot Water System Solar System Sapphire

  • Designed with higher heat absorbance and lower emitance, even on cloudy days.
  • Ultrasonic welding for close contact and higher conductivity.
  • Well rounded insulation with high density fibreglass and double silicone sealing.
  • Suitable for areas that experience less sunlight.
Dimension 2000mm x 1000mm x 80mm
Cover Material 3.2mm Low Iron Tempered Glass
Heat Transfer Coefficient 4.398
Weight 35kg
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy Anodised
Back Plate 0.4mm Galvanised Steel
Sealing Gasket Triple Layer Silicone
Absorber System
Material Copper Fin & Tube
Surface Treatment Black Chrome
Tube Material Copper TP2
Header Tube 22mm x 0.6mm 2pcs
Riser Tube 10mm x 0.45mm 8pcs
Absorption Rate 0.95
Emittance 0.11
Insulation Density 24kg/m3  
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