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Intelligent Water Dispenser

  • Simple Turn Knob.
    • Twist the knob to select the desired water temperature.
    • All types of water will will be dispensed from a single water outlet.
  • Easy Twist.
    • Extra convenient ways to replace the filter cartridges.
    • Without opening a single screw from the machine, you can replace the filter cartridges by plug and twist only.
  • Multiple Functionality.
    • Multiple selection on water temperatures.
    • 4 types of temperature: Room, Cold, Hot and Warm Water.
    • 3 types of water amount selection, 120ml, 50ml and continuously.
  • Safety Child Lock.
    • Protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.
Color Black / White
Water Temperature Hot, Cold, Warm and Room
Power 2400
Filters Pre-Filter
Softener and Active Carbon
Nano Filtration System
Dimension Width 180mm
Height 410mm
Depth 520mm
Net Weight 19kg
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