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Under Sink Water System

  • Filter Reminder.
    • There is no need for you to always check whether the filter cartridges need to be replace or not, just check it out yourself with LED monitor.
  • Easy Buckle.
    • Extra convenient ways to replace the filter cartridges.
    • Without opening a single screw from the machine, you can replace the filter cartridges by buckle and pull out only.
  • Plug Free.
    • There is no need for electricity to run the unit, which translate to total convenience for you as you can shift it around as you like.
    • Besides that, you also get to enjoy cost savings from a reduced utility bill for you.
Installation Under Sink
Dimension Width 212mm
Depth 220mm
Height 315mm
Net Weight 3.7kg
Color Milk White
Filters Sediment Filter
Pre Carbon Filter
Post Carbon Filter
UF Membrane Filter
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