Capacity (Storage Tank) 276Liters/60 Gallons (U.K.)
Overall Dimentions (L x W x H) 2238mm x 2297mm x 468mm
Overall Weight (Empty) 114kg
Overall Weight (Full) 396kg
Storage Tank
Cylinder Material 1.2mm AISI 304 Stainless Steel (Japan)
Outer Cylinder Case Material Aluminium Stucco
Insulatiom Material High Density Pressure Injected Polyurethane Foam (CFC Free)
End Cap Material Aluminium Stucco
Nominal Working Pressure 400KPA (4kg/
Laminar Flow Stratifier Available
Cylinder Test Pressure 850KPA (8.5kg/
Relief Valv Settings 700KPA (7kg/
Electric Booster Element 2.0KW/3.0KW with Safety Thermostat
Collector Panel
Design Plate and Tube
Plate Material Aluminium Fin/Copper Tube
Surface Coating Selective Matt Black Coating Treatment
Absorption Coefficents 0.94 +- 0.1
Emission Coefficents 0.12 +- 0.1
Insulation Foam Stryol with Alumunium foil
Riser Tube Material Copper
No. of Riser Tube 7 Tubes per Panel
Panel 2
Net Absorber Area 3.9sq.meter / 42sq.ft.
No. of User 6
Casing Thickness/Material 1.3mm Anodized Extruded Aluminium (B.A)
Glass Thickness/Material 4mm Low Iron Glass
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