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Horizontal Storage Water Heater (91L)



  • Multipoint Hot Water System for Mixer Tap System.
  • For 1 Jacuzzi or 1 Washing Machine, 1 Long Bath and 1 Normal Shower/1 Rain Shower 10” and 1 Rain Shower 6”/1 Rain Shower 12”.
  • Capacity 91L; 20.0 Imp. Gallons.
  • Power Rating 3.0kW; 240V.
  • Hot Water Up to 70°C.
  • Rust-Free Stainless Steel Heating Element & Tank.
  • HE Energy Saving Technology; Save Energy 20% (Available for Model JH91HE only).
  • High Density CFC Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam for Long Lasting Hot Water.


  • Universal Mounting Ring Bracket for Universal Mounting.
  • Mounting Ring Bolts.


  • Isolation Barrier.
  • Pressure Relief & Drain Valve.
  • Thermostat Safety Cut-Off at 70°C.
  • Thermal Cut-Out at 95°C.
Electrical Loading 3.0kW / 15 Amp - 20 Amp / 240V / 50Hz
Tank Capacity 91 Litres / 20.0 Imp. Gallons
Time taken to Heat to Max 70°C
(Based on Spec 3.0kW)
80 Mins (1st Heat Up from Cold Water)
40 Mins (Subsequent Heat Up)
Recommended Water Pressure 1 - 5 Bar
Dimensions (L) 1286mm x (W) 405mm x (H) 381mm
Approx. Weight Empty: 25kg
Full: 116kg
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