Home Products Water Pressure Pump Automatic Variable Speed Booster Pump JET-E (P1)
Automatic Variable Speed Booster Pump JET-E (P1)

  • Constant pressure.
    • PID Controller with inverter able to adjust water pressure perfectly by variable speed control.
  • Energy saving.
    • Using of the inverter able to save energy.
  • No water hammering.
    • Preventing water hammer as speed is adjusted automatically to meet variable demand.
  • Fully tested & assemble unit.
    • Ensure trouble-ree operation.
  • Stainless steel pump set used.
    • Hygienic and clean water assured.
  • EBARA TOTAL warranty on all components used.
    • More value for money.
  • Nationwide dealers representation.
    • After-sales service assurance.
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