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  • Precise Temperature Control.
    • User-friendly with easy default setting.
  • Triple Layer Class.
    • Maintain High Heat Temperature for even cooking. Triple-layer tempered glass keeps the high heat inside the oven.
  • Huge Volume (76L).
    • Can cook a large volume of food (76L capacity) at one time.
  • 10 Multi Functions.
    • With 10 heating modes ranging from convection to grill, the oven ensures easy and delicious cooking with an optimal mode for every dish.
  • Big Window Convenience.
    • Curious to know how to make a big meal? The big windows shows it all.
Type 60cm 10 Function
Product Dimension (W) 665mm
(D) 652mm
(H) 650mm
Total Capacity 80L
Usable Capacity 76L
Net Weight 34kg
Gross Weight 38kg
No. of Door Glass 3
Oven Function 10
Back Fan Yes
Back Fan Heater Yes
Grill Power 2000W
Acid Resistant Graphite Enamel Yes
Removable Oven Door/Inner Glass Yes
Flat Wire Shelf Yes (597mm x 595mm x 595mm)
Roasting Tray Yes (564mm x 560mm x 600mm)
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