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  • Quickly Exhausts Polluted Indoor Air and Makes Your Home Clear of Allergens!
    • Once the carbon monoxide concentration in the air exceeds 1000ppm, people begin to feel uncomfortable and fatigued. The TUMÄ Flow2one will quickly and effectively exhaust pollutants such as dust, dust mites, mold, bacteria, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and PM2.5 out. It reduces the concentration of indoor air pollutants and retains good air quality indoors for a healthily, clean environment.
  • Filter Out Dangerous Levels of PM2.5 from Your Home.
    • This SGS-certified product can effectively eliminate PM2.5 suspended particles by bringing fresh filtered air indoors, while exhausting poor indoor air out. It allows you to breathe fresh air at home even if you live in an area with excessive air pollution.
  • Purifying Electrostatic Filter Filters Air All Year Round!
    • The TUMÄ Flow2one utilizes static material for its super purifying static filter. It employs permanent electrostatic charges to absorb particles in the air, effectively filtering out dangerous PM2.5 particles. Dust particles are also absorbed with positive and negative charges. This great filers allows only fresh healthy air into your home.
  • Air Regulated Heat Exchanger, Warm in Winter! Cool in Summer!
    • The TUMÄ Flow2one is like a mini total heat exchanger. Through heat exchange, the indoor-outdoor temperature difference can be reduced. The burden of external air seeping into the home on the air conditioning system is mitigated achieving an energy-saving balance of indoor temperature while reducing humidity. Additionally the indoor and outdoor air circulate continuously allowing your home to be well ventilated and comfortable even without opening windows.
  • Super Energy Saving! Enjoy Fresh Air Every Day!
    • DC motor technology with merely 1.9W of power consumption. Annual energy costs to run 24/7 would be markedly low also. Truly a better value for your family home.
  • Beneficial Water-Proofing Design! Wind and Rain Proof!
    • IPX4 certified, the TUMÄ Flow2one waterproof design is protected from splashing water from any direction. It can effectively handle water sprays from all angles without affecting the product running whatsoever. The thoughtfully designed rain cover offers dual protection from wind and rain.
  • Easy Installation! Enjoying Good Home Air Quality is a Snap!
    • Compared to the total heat exchange, the Flow2one does not need large-scale duct construction. The system requires an 11cm diameter hole in the wall and the air is exchanged directly through the wall, fan and filter. (Measurement of the wall thickness needs to include the thickness of the decoration face, such as interior decoration, exterior stone material, tiles, etc).
  • Change the Filter Regularly.
    • In order to keep pure, fresh, healthy air quality at all times, a regular change of the filters is crucial. The Flow2one contains 2 filters: one is cleanable and reusable, the other is disposable. When the indicator shows red, it means the filter needs to be changed.
  • Let the Indicators Lights Guide You!
    • Let the Indicators Lights Guide You!
      The indicators on the panel have three colors which note different functions. Blue, Orange and Red. This allows you to understand the speeds and filter change timings. Red indicates time to change the filer so that the Flow2one can run most efficiently!
      • Blue Indicator Light : High Speed Exchange.
      • Orange Indicator Light : Low Speed Exchange.
      • Red Indicator Light : Replace Filter.
  • 24-Hour Automatic Duct Cleaning.
    • Once this product is plugged in, it cleans the ventilation duct automatically 3 minutes every 24 hours to remove the dust within the duct to the outside.
    • When the automatic cleaning function activates, the fan begins to run at full speed and will be louder than usual. If you wish to stop the automatic cleaning function pull out the plug or turn off the power and the system will stop operating. When the power re-activates the system, the cleaning time is reset. (Reminder: The remote control will not work during automatic cleaning).
Power Rating (V/Hz) 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Speed High Low
Power Consumption (W) 2.7 1.9
Air Flow (m3/h) 34 24.3
Noise dB(A) @ 1 meter  32 27
Heat Recovery Efficiency (%) 40 42
IP Level Indoor IPX2 / Outdoor IP X4
Material Fire-Proof Plastic
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