About Us
Bumhan Sanitary Wares Sdn Bhd was formed in September 2002. Since then, we have been able to tender for more corporate and government projects especially in Seremban and Johor. Our commercial/hotel Sanitary Wares and Bathroom products ranges from electric bidet, shower screens, jacuzzi, automatic sensor faucet/urinal and the like. In addition, we are also offering hospital related Sanitary Wares and Bathroom Products such as shower seat, stainless steel urinal, water closet as well as various types of stainless steel grab bar for the convenience of the elderly or less unfortunate one.

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Bumhan Sanitary Wares Sdn Bhd is a supplier of branded and imported Sanitary Wares as well as Bathroom Accessories in Malaysia. Our wide collection of products ranges from Sanitary Wares like faucet, glass basin, water closet, urinals, flush valves etc to Bathroom Accessories such as Bathroom mirror, lifting clothes hanger. Other range of products are such as water pumps, water heater, and kitchen products like infrared gas stove, stainless steel sink, stainless steel dish rack etc.

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